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About the IAWBH

Our History

The IAWBH is the world's leading international association of scholars and practitioners who are interested in understanding, researching, and addressing workplace bullying and harassment, including by exploring interventions to address workplace bullying and harassment and associated phenomena.

The IAWBH was founded at a scholarly conference in Montréal, Canada, in 2008. It has grown to over 200 members from over 30 countries.

We coordinate a biennial worldwide conference with our most recent conference, the 13th IAWBH, being held as a hybrid conference held in San Diego, USA. Prior to that, our 12th international conference was held totally on-line in 2022 in Dubai, in the UAE, and our 11th in Bordeaux, France, in June 2018.  During the non-conference year we hold  international masterclasses - in  2019 these were held in London and Israel. Our members receive a newsletterand can join and participate in our LinkedIn group, and also network with special interest groups (SIGS). See our Special Interest Groups.

Katherine Lippel delivers one of the keynote addresses at the Milan 2014 conference


The International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment (IAWBH)aims to:

  1.     promote fairness, justice and dignity for all at work
  2.     promote a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of workplace bullying and 
  3.     increase knowledge of the contextual factors relating to workplace bullying and
  4.     understand the interpersonal, intrapersonal organizational and societal dynamics 
    workplace bullying and harassment
  5.     disseminate research-based knowledge and evidence-based practice on workplace
        bullying and harassment
  6.     bring together researchers and practitioners for collaboration and knowledge     
  7.   broaden the geographical scope of research and evidence based practice into
    bullying and harassment.

The International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment is made up of scholars and practitioners who specialise in the field of workplace bullying and harassment. We stimulate, generate, integrate and disseminate research and evidence-based practice in the field of workplace bullying and harassment. Through this effort we seek to contribute to achieving fairness, justice and dignity at work for all. You may read our Constitution (version April 2021).

Constitution 2021

Our activities are concerned with meeting the association aims, and include

  •     the coordination of a conference held every two years (next: Huddersfield, UK,
  •      the coordination of a Summer School held every two years 
  •      a newsletter for members
  •      a LinkedIn group
  •       networking groups of scholars and practitioners.

Read more information about our purpose.


Following our 2020 General Assembly, the board of the IAWBH consisted of Carlo Caponecchia (President)Stephen Teo (Treasurer)Eva Gemzoe-MikkelsenNeill ThompsonSusan JohnsonMargaret Hodgins, and Ngao MotseiFollow the link to the meeting documents and video recording. The minutes of the meeting are also available.


Following our 2022 General Assembly, the new Board of the IAWBH is made up of Alison Thirwall (President), Carlo Caponecchia (Immediate Past President), Margaret Hodgins (Secretary) Stephen Teo (Treasurer), Susan Johnston, Ngao Motsei,  Loic Lerouge, and Allison Ballard.

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